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Please let us know what yeast strains you are interested in. Each 5-gallon homebrew pitch will be shipped in a 120 ml HDPE bottle labeled with instructions for use and a link to our online yeast style guide. As outlined in the email, all orders placed in January will ship at an introductory rate of $4/each plus shipping & handling, whether you order 1 or 100. Cheers!

Our flagship. Semi-dry and clean. Hints of champagne. Good for pale ales, strong ales, mead and cider.
A gateway yeast. Mild barnyard funk and mild tartness. Good for farmhouse ales and saisons.
A new take on the German classic. Lots of banana, some clove and a slight tart zing at the end. Hints of peach and citrus peels. Best in hefeweizens or wits.
A personal favorite. Adds notes of red wine and peppercorns. Great in Belgian and abbey-style ales as well as red wines.
A blend of native yeasts from South Carolina. Dry finish with a broad spectrum of esters and phenols. Good for saisons and wits.
Combining the best of new and old brewing. Serious Brettanomyces-fueled farmhouse character with peach esters and citric acid.
We cheated on this one and added some extra Belgian Brettanomyces. Floral nose with cherry pie. Low phenolics and sharp acidity.
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